Fuel Saver

What is iNET’s V-CARD?

V-CARD is highly innovative fuel-saving card using German technology with more power saving and functioning as Anti Radiation.

How does it save PETROL & DIESEL?

V-CARD is embedded with more than 5,000 Ion negative energy using proprietary vibration waves, FIR Rays and Scalar energy with NANO Technology and works as Anti Radiation.

There is always high volume of GAS & RADIATION in any vehicle’s fuel tank that cause waste of fuel due to evaporation of radiation via fuel tank cap while vehicle is moving.

V-CARD function is to obstruct the radiation from evaporating via fuel tank cap and reduce the size of fuel clusters, thereby improving the quality and combustion efficiency of the hydrocarbon fuel. So the fuel burns more efficiently thus saying fuel and boosting the engine performances.

Is V-CARD has been proven effective?

V-CARD is 100% proven effective as we had more than 1,000 testimonials. Each V-CARD contains more than 5,000 lon Negative energy!!!

What are the specifications of V-CARD?

  • Increased Acceleration.
  • Reduction in AC drag.
  • 40% less CO emission.
  • Less exhaust smoke.
  • Increase engine life by cleaning out carbon deposit.
  • Anti Radiation.
  • Water Proof & Heat Resistance.
  • Burn Fuel more Efficiently.
  • Lasting energy up to 5 Years.
  • Absolutely Safe to Use.
  • Works with all vehicles, Any make, model & Year.

Electric Saver

What is V-CARD?

V-CARD is a breakthrough state of the art innovation from German using proprietary vibration waves with NANO Technology. This unique vibration wave innovation is powerful enough to compress the excess Electric spikes responsible for electricity wastage. It reduces wastage of electricity and uses electricity more efficiently resulting in lower electricity bills. V-CARD is embedded with universal life force energy consisting of NANO Technology and proprietary vibration waves.

How does V-CARD function?

V-CARD creates a vibration using a proprietary energy system which is extremely powerful enough to create an impact on the excess Electric spikes which are mainly responsible for Electricwastage.

It has been know long time that there is excess electricity feeding into every household, commercial buildings and industries which are automatically recorded by the meter to your bills, whether you use or not the excess electricity but you have been billed every month.

The Vibration in V-CARD has the ability to compress the excess electricity within the wiring system and reduces the Electric resistance in the wiring system for a more efficient usage with minimum loss of energy as heat therefore helping to conserve energy. Furthermore, V-CARD helps to regulate the flow of Electric current and stabilizing Electric system thereby making the voltage constant.

Why need use V–CARD?

  • 35% - 40% Electric savings per day.
  • Stabilize voltage.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • No maintenance needed.
  • 100% Proven is saving electricity.
  • Extend the life span of Electric appliances.
  • Suitable for homes, offices, factories, shops, restaurants.
  • Reduce e-smog and protect from harmful electromagnetic radiation.
  • Just stick on the Power Switch as there is No special installation required.

How long V–CARD can last?

  • The proprietary wave in the V-CARD can easily last for more than 5 Years.
  • After 5 years the proprietary energy in V-CARD will less gradually.
  • So the customers are adviced to replace new V-CARD after 5 years to enjoy same benefits as before.
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