Company Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations for registered Members & validity of Membership

iNET GLOBAL has the right to;

  1. Impose charges of processing fees for account ownership changes effective from 1st October 2018;  
    CLASSIC 2 & 3 =RM150
  2. All inactive memberships which fail to sponsor 3 direct members within 90 days are not qualified for any bonuses and redemptions. All bonuses and redemptions will be forfeited while membership remains for subsequent period. 
  3. All Tour & Travels validity up to 12 months/1 year upon qualification.
  4. All Tours are open for companies decisions, unless otherwise stated.
  5. iNET will not take responsibility for wrong registration/placement of new member. It is the responsibility of the member to place their down line accordingly.
  6. Company reserve the rights to suspend/terminate any membership which do not complies companies policies and procedures. 

*Company Terms & Conditions are subject to change.


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