Describe as “Miraculous Herbs “for more than 4000 Years. LINGZHI is one of the oldest Mushrooms known to have been used in traditional Chinese Medicine. With health benefits and apparent absence of side effects. It has attained a reputation in the East as ultimate herbal substance.

Why do we need to take LINGZHI?

Most minor healthy problem and chronic diseases are caused by the imbalance of body function due to the accumulation of toxin in the body. LINGZHI‘s basic functions are to cleanse the blood remove the toxins, boost the function of kidney, protect the liver and heart with anti tumour properties.

How does LINGZHI works in human body?

The effect of LINGZHI on the body has to go through five (5) stages

SCANNING (1-30 days)

During the process the body cells are checked for toxins and inactive. Most kinds of defects at cellular level are reported by way of REFLECTIONS through the external organs like eyes nose and ears.

Active ingredients start to regulate bodily functions by detecting Toxins and hidden diseases in the body. During this process. Symptom will be shown by the body known as ailment reflection. The reaction is not a side effect but to help us identify the problem area.


Detoxification is the first step to healing, and healing the body is your first step to a longer life.

During this phase, the unwanted or harmful matters (called the toxins) are removed from the body. Thebody using its own natural excretory mechanism, which is activated by LINGZHI, carries out this process. This phase takes place for about 5-12days, depending on the level and quality of toxins.

Uric acid, excess cholesterol, fat deposits. Calcium deposits and chemicals are toxic. The detoxification phase helps to remove such toxins from the body.

The toxins are removed from the body though:

  • Sweating.
  • The circulation system - (kidney and liver ) & then discharged from the body through urination & stools.
  • Boils, rashes, phlegm and mucus discharge.

During this process of detoxification. Water soluble toxins (e.g. sugar, uric acid) find the exit through urine and sweat. Fat soluble toxins (e.g. cholesterol) are easily disposed through phlegm. During the detoxification phase the sometimes body feels hot and thirsty. This is sign that the body needs more water to discharge the toxins.

Sleep and eating times are most important. When you are healing, your body uses energy to self-restore. If you eat late (after8pm) it will use that energy to digest your food instead. The healing process occurs between 11pm-2am, while you are (or should be) in deep sleep. If your body systems are not in.

Rest mode at those the healing is drastically hampered.

When detoxifying for the first time, some may experience are action within 3-10 days. and some can have are acton 2-3 months later. The reaction may not be limited to one experience only. Most people will get some sort of reaction. A light reaction may last up to 2-5 days, a sever may last 7 to 30 days.

It should be understood the health improvement largely depends on the consumers own body condition, level of toxins in the body, duration of suffering from any ailment and the other lines of treatment one is undergoing.

But one can certainly expect a good overall improvement in health with continuous consumption of LINGZHI over a 12 month period.

REGULATING (1-12 months)

LINGZHI active components react with effected organs and systems. During this process, many reactions can be observed. Do not be alarmed, this is the sign of body healing itself. Reduce the dosage if the reaction is too vigorous but do not stop consuming it.


  • In this phase, the damaged cells are repaired and reconstructed.
  • Inactive cells are re-activated. Body's natural immune system is activated.
  • Process of building & be healing parts of the body that have sustained injuries or damage.
  • Strengthening the Immune System, physical strength, and mental calmness, more resistance to diseases.
  • Supplying essential elements to the body, such as minerals and triterpenoid for the recovery of bodily functions.

REGENERATING (1-3 years)

It is a continuous process through-out rife and during the process our body gains youthfulness. (Oxidation of the cells prevented and ageing of the cells delayed). The natural Immune System is activated at all levels. It is, a process where our body continues functioning at its optimum level.



  • The eye reacts to the condition of the liver.
  • Reddish eye is an indication that the liver has a high level of toxicities and the body is discharging the toxins.
  • Blurry eyesight of sleepiness indicates that the liver is regulating itself.
  • Teary eye and the tensed eye indicate emotional disturbance. Anger, overwork and mental stress.


  • The nose has close affiliation with the lungs and throat Running nose indicates excessive level of acid in the body and toxin removal process from the lungs.
  • Blocked Nose or sneezing show regulating process for nose allergy.


  • Rashes, boils and itchy skin are signs that the body is emitting toxic fat and non-soluble toxins.


  • Numbness on left hand indicates a weak heart.
  • If the pain moves to the firm and stay there, a heart attack may happen.
  • Painful soles indicate a weak set of kidneys.


  • Pain and dizziness at the back of head or neck means that there is a high blood or low blood pressure.
  • Problem Other indications may be manifested through perspiration, urination and stool.


  • Pain and dizziness at the back of head or neck means that there is a high blood or low blood pressure.
  • The Changbai mountain Gandoderma lucidium is a finest product of its kind. The Product is rich in many nutrients. The nutrient function help to reduce blood pressure, blood fat, improving sleep quality eliminating constipa­tion, protecting the liver and slowing down aging process. It is the ultimate function of Lingzhi Gold product.

  • Compared with the normal honey, Wild Linden Honey is richer in glucose, fructose, vitamins, amino, enzymes and esters. This honey can enrich the blood cell, nourish the lungs, relieve cough, quench thirst, boast cell regenera­tion, lower blood pressure and ease pain.

  • Mineral water obtained at a depth of 128.8m below the granite strata of Changbai Mountain contains variety of minerals. It is pure and natural. One of the functions is to soften the blood vessels to enhance the effects of the blood pressure conditions.


  • Person suffers a massive hemorrhage.
  • Person has surgery and opera bun 1 week before & after.
  • Person who has received organ transplants.


  • For Health Care: Take 1 Mille on empty stomach in the morning and take 1 bottle before bed time.
  • For Strengthening: Take 2 bottles on empty stomach in the morning and take 7 bottles before bed time.
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